What a Ride!!

Well Howdy!

This is my first ever blog.  I don't consider myself to be one, a blogger that is, but hey, I might end up being one if I get the bug.

And Hey!  I don't mean "THE BUG!!" I mean....well, anyway...

When launching our retail bricks and mortar store back in 2016, we would talk about the needs for an online store.  It was simply out of reach financially and mentally!

Now here we are in April 2020 (I cannot believe I'm writing the year!) and 4 years on to the date, we are now propelled into online due to just a few hiccups along the way...

Bushfires, Flooding, Heatwaves a "Soft Economy" (another word for Recession!) and now this Corona pandemic.

So we closed our retail store temporarily and it felt a little sad, but feeling right in the knowing we did the right thing with the right ticket entering the online world!