No easy feat...

Dear Friend,

We recently crossed the 4 year mark of trading.  As a tiny business in a tiny town, this is not an easy achievement, believe me.

Every decision, every purchase, comes down to this thing called "cashflow" and how its managed.

Like other small business owners in NSW, we too have succumbed to the lack of people traffic due to the perils of drought, bushfires, Covid and now a recession...but we're still here, because people love our little store.

I opened my business because I LOVE WHAT I DO and because I get such a kick from sourcing lovely gifts and things to delight!

We had no idea what challenges lay ahead when opening this store and its been such an awakening.  The learning curb is steep, challenging but definitely rewarding!

Retail has to be one of the most erratic of jobs!  Every day is different and unknown! 

If it was always about the sale I wouldn't enjoy my role. As an extrovert - meeting new people for me, is the highlight!  New strangers become new friends. 

I can't 'click' with, nor cater for everyone's tastes. BUT! when those who encounter Eclectopia for the first time, walk in with a big smile and their face lights up and they tell me how much they LOVE what I'm doing?  The that is what retail is really about!  It's about people and them "getting" what you do!  And hey, when you, the customer and the product are appreciated than yes it all comes together;-)

WE did close the store for a one month hiatus due to Covid-19.  On the week of reopening, it blew me away to see those lovely familiar faces come in declaring "We have come to support YOU!"  These moments and the many, many wonderful compliments we receive, are certainly the moments that get you through those quieter, tougher days.

IF you are NEW to Eclectopia, Welcome to You!  Please look around: we're a bit different.  A bit quirky, a bit fun, a bit odd but we don't care!

IF you see something which takes your fancy just think about it this way: the item is useful or will make you or someone else happy and you're helping an Australian small business survive with fervour against any other blooming catastrophe that lays ahead, God Help Us!