Covid and my Business

It's important we all remain safe and take care of each other through such strange times as Covid is presenting to our communities.

We can assure our customers we are taking responsibility within our store by cleaning and maintaining hygiene and restrictions to keep us safe.

As a retailer, my business is my prime income.  Therefore, I am not remaining complacent through this time of Covid. 

Mutual respect between myself and my customers is paramount to curtailing this darn virus, which has seen me close my doors for one month.  Economically, this virus has wreaked havoc with the retail industry.

At entry you are expected to use the provided hand sanitiser.  A maximum of 3 customer are permitted in the store at any one time.

Presently we prefer to not deal with cash, preferring contactless payments via credit or debit cards.

Your co-operation and continued patronage is so very much appreciated in this time of Covid.

Chrissie & Lyn