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Skargard Swedish solid shampoo bars

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Swedish solid shampoos are made from natural ingredients only.

No sulphates or parabens. Suitable for senstive skins.

Available in 2 scents:

BIRCH (Bjork) shampoo contains extract from Birch tree leaves that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants;

SEABUCKTHORN (Havtorn) shampoo contains Seabuckthorn oil: well known for its rich beneficial and calming effect on sensitive skin. This soap has a calming effect on dry and irritated skin.

This is what gives the soap a wonderful scent and a golden colour.

Wet your hair, stroke bar 2-4 times through your hair. Use you hands to create rich lather. Rinse and repeat if required.

Packaged in a round 60g block with a loofah sponge as a dish or scrub inside environmentally friendly paper.

Handmade in Sweden.