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dog&boy Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

dog&boy Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

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"Just before launching the business, mum was diagnosed with the insidious and indiscriminate disease, brain cancer. She passed away one month to the day of her diagnosis on May 4, 2015.

After her passing, I found out she was actually a frustrated sketch artist, and a pretty good one. She had sketchbook after sketchbook of mostly botanical drawings and muses – a reflection of her love of the simple beauty in everything she saw each and every day.

It was the simplicity of her sketches that spoke to me. We have used many of her original sketches in our designs in numerous collections, and it is this simple everyday beauty on which we base the stories of our designs for dog&boy.

And, yes, I do have a dog, Barry the Chocolate Labrador (yes, he is as big a softie as he sounds), and a boy, my son Nicholas. But the name is more than just that; it is about the unequivocal youthful spirit of imagination, the possibilities of what could be, and the desire to make it happen."


Sonya Michele - Designer, dog&boy Melbourne

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