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Ela! Ela! To Turkey and Greece

Ela! Ela! To Turkey and Greece

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This book is a heartfelt journey of knowledge in food, culture and belonging, Ela! Ela! (meaning “Come, come” in Greek) sees Ella sharing her first ever collection of food writing and personal essays, which speak to the origins and evolutions – and lead us to the recipes – of some of her most iconic dishes.

Through the stories and recipes in Ela! Ela! Ella Mittas explores her travels through Turkey and Greece, her relationship with her Anglo-Greek identity, and her desire to connect to culture through food.

Ella has built her career in food working under Brigitte Hafner, Annie Smithers and Ismail Tosun in Australia, honing her skills in London at NOPI, in Tel Aviv at Romano and in Istanbul at Lokanta Maya. Her recipes have been featured in The Design Files and Broadsheet, and her food writing published in The Saturday Paper.

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