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Erin Lightfoot Ceramics

Erin Lightfoot Porcelain Vase

Erin Lightfoot Porcelain Vase

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ERIN LIGHTFOOT is a print designer and ceramicist based in Brisbane. 

Vases are transformed from clay to product through 10 careful processes. Created from start to finish in the Red Hill Studio, Brisbane.

Believing in the value of homemade jam, hand-knitted jumpers, intricate craft and time soaked ceramics, Erin invests the huge amount of time and care that is required to create handmade ceramics.

Working with porcelain, Erin creates simple forms which are thoughtfully decorated with subtly-hued colour schemes and geometric pattern. All of the porcelain work is completed by hand, with much attention to each detail in the refinement of decoration of each piece. 

Erin draws inspiration from past movements including the Bauhaus, Modernist and Art Deco periods as well as patterning techniques from around the world. She pulls these influences together to create ceramics that feel both contemporary and slightly reminiscent. 

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