Fine Art Oil Painting- " The Boys are Back"

Fine Art Oil Painting- " The Boys are Back"

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Splendid Fairy-wrens live in communal blended families. This matriarchy is run by one single female, the mother. Dad is the only breeding male, and the rest of the flock can contain up to six helpers, including adult sons born in previous seasons.

These social wrens usually live in the same area all year long. Raising the chicks together is a way for these little neighbours to bond.

Splendid Fairy-wrens are found in Western Australia from Shark Bay to southern WA, all the way down to Flinders Ranges in South Australia and in central Northern Territory. They are also found to the north of Victoria, east of NSW and southern Queensland.

 Lyn Martin is a  local self taught artist and has  a passion for honest, inspiring landscapes and nature painted in oil.

Her style is best described as realistic with close attention to detail grounded in tradition, however with a modern take on light and technique. 

Lyn paints at home in her studio.  Her work has gone to  collectors  around the world. She is happy to discuss commissions.

Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cms, painted around the edges and ready to hang.