Fine Art Original Oil Painting, "Together again"

Fine Art Original Oil Painting, "Together again"

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With its gleaming, velvety blue-and-black plumage, the male Superb Fairy-wren is easily distinguished. These ‘coloured’ males are often accompanied by a band of brown ‘jenny wrens’, often assumed to be a harem of females, but a proportion of them are males which have not yet attained their breeding plumage. 

Lyn Martin is a  local self taught artist and has  a passion for honest, inspiring landscapes and nature painted in oil.

Her style is best described as realistic with close attention to detail grounded in tradition, however with a modern take on light and technique. 

Lyn paints at home in her studio.  Her work has gone to  collectors  around the world. She is happy to discuss commissions.

Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cms, painted around the edges and ready to hang.