Hayon concave sterling silver wide band w/zirconia & 2 gold filled spinners

Hayon concave sterling silver wide band w/zirconia & 2 gold filled spinners

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This beautiful creation is available in SIZE 8 designed by Hayon Jewellery and handcrafted by a master jeweller in Israel.



Sizing: Size definitely does matter when ordering jewellery!  We require your correct finger size (visit your local jeweller) or we're happy to take your measurement instore. 

Larger sizes: Hayon has a team of jewellers and some sizes may not be made available.  This is out of our control.

Disclaimer: Although we can fit and discuss your finger size, the final decision for your ring size fully remains your responsibility, not ours.

Swelling: When considering your ring size, It is important to be mindful that fingers do swell in size in summer and less so in winter.

Designs & precious stones:  What is available online is handcrafed and unique.  There may be a few different coloured stones to choose from.  We can always ask if something is possible with the design, but there is no guarantee.

Choice of gold: You have a choice of yellow or rose gold for most rings.

Oxidisation: is a darkening process done to the silver to give it an edgy look. You can opt to not have this.

Designs: Hayon has a few jewellers in their team.  Therefore, designs are subject to availability prior to ordering.

Deposit: Once you are happy with your choice, a 50% payment plus postage is to be paid upfront to secure your order. 

Delivery time from order: Please expect up to a 12 week turnaround from Israel.  Delays may be prolonged due to Covid, which is out of our control.

Pricing:  We reserve the right to change prices accordingly.  Prices may be subject to change, due to current fluctuations in both US Dollar and gold and sterling silver.

Refunds: Please be decisive.  You must feel 100% comfortable before proceeding with an order.  Understandably, you may change your mind and so, we will hold off sending via email your order to Israel for 48 hours. 

Communication: If we do not hear from you, we will presume you are happy to proceed and you will only hear from us once your purchase has arrived.

Once your order is with Hayon Jewellery, any change of mind, change of design or change of ring size is just not possible.

 Contact Chrissie on 0468 934 483 to discuss.