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OAK magazine

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OAK Magazine is a place to share the stories of women in business from regional and rural Australia. 

Founded in Bendigo, the quarterly print publication was launched in September 2017 by Kimberley Furness – a former journalist, local business woman, and mum of four. 

Our stories position females to the front. 

We hope our stories of women succeeding in male dominated industries such as mining and construction, inspire others to apply for leadership positions.

We hope our stories of women succeeding with a disability or leaning into their cultural heritage, help to breakdown stigma, stereotypes and barriers.

We feature stories and advice from women who are having a positive impact in their community at a local, rural or regional level. We cover a range of industries including health, fashion, fitness, beauty, hospitality, construction, mining, farming, creative arts, small business, wellbeing and finance.