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Public Sydney 1000 piece puzzle

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The PUBLIC SYDNEY 1000 Piece Puzzle takes you to the historic and contemporary heart of metropolitan Sydney—the buildings and places that are the centres of its culture, politics, law, art, transport, tourism and commerce.

Piece by piece, discover its extraordinary harbour setting and topography, the distinctive mix of canted and intersecting streets, the memorable parks, radiating arterial streets, compact blocks and fine-grained subdivisions occupied by all sorts of building types.

You will see where civic life plays out in Sydney’s finest parks and squares, and locate its most magnificent buildings and monuments. As you snap the puzzle together, you can think about how the streets and places are overlaid on its sandstone geology and the millennia of Indigenous occupation, recorded in many place names. When the puzzle is complete, sit back and observe how past and present are drawn into the living continuum that is contemporary Sydney.

Based on the book Public Sydney: Drawing the City. ©Philip Thalis and Peter John Cantrill. Drawn by Aaron Murray et al. 

1000 piece puzzle.