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Sacred Places by Claire Gogerty

Sacred Places by Claire Gogerty

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An illustrated guide to the world and its sacred wonders

Wellness travellers are seeking transformative experiences - wellness is, by nature, a journey and a quest. The concept of transformative travel is about finding experiences through trips that shift perspective and allow digital detoxing, connection with oneself, nature, communities and a sense of the bigger picture in life.

Sacred Places is a stunning new coffee table exploration for seekers of unusual and enlightening destinations, for both armchair travelling and as inspiration for future journeys. The book will be particularly focused on experiences, in addition to a full description of the place. For example, plant medicine ceremonies in South America, walking the Camino Way, Stonehenge on the winter solstice, wild swimming in Iceland's sacred hot springs and silent retreats. Entries also introduce the history and geography of the place, significant stories, dates to visit, myths, legends and ceremonies.

About the Author

Clare Gogerty is an author, journalist and editor with considerable experience in consumer magazine publishing. She edited Coast magazine for six years and has also edited the National Trust Magazine and Grand Designs magazine. Currently she is homes and gardens editor of The Simple Things magazine. She combines this with writing books - including the National Trust's Book of the Coast and Beyond the Footpath: Mindful Adventures for Modern Pilgrims (Piatkus 2019) - and travel and lifestyle journalism. You can find out more at
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