About Us

Chrissie O'Neill ~ buyer

The inspiration for Eclectopia at its heart is an appreciation of the many forms of Australian design.

Eclectopia was born into the burgeoning artisan markets scene back in 2011.  An organic progression presented itself in 2016, opening a store in a Taralga .

My passion is to encourage people to see the value in buying Australian made or designed gifts with integrity.  By doing so, this supports our local economy and discourages mass produced rubbish ending up in landfill!  

We have so many talented artists here in our amazing country.  I like to showcase a few that personally excite me as I cannot sell what I don't love.

Lyn Martin ~ accounts & online store 

I joined Chrissie in 2015 and have been on the journey that is Eclectopia ever since, I get to let  my creative flare going with  in store makeovers. 

My other passion is painting, in oil , landscapes and nature which are available via this website or at lynmartinart.com.au