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Tokyo Milk Dark Perfume

Tokyo Milk Dark Perfume

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One of Margot Elena’s fragrance libraries, Tokyo Milk is an uncommon place – a world of perfume and body care designed to captivate, intrigue and inspire.

Margot, a designer and indie beauty mogul, wanted to create an independent fragrance range where the user interacts in a design-focused, artful way. Always mindful that her products add beauty and meaning to their environment, Tokyo Milk is full of attention to detail and is part of a meticulously crafted brand world.

The range contains a variety of fragrances, always guaranteed to contain intriguing, unique notes that will set them apart from anything you’ve experienced before.  

Tokyo Milk Dark combines elegant design with unexpected essences, crushed and distilled for a remarkably uncommon sensory experience. Each of the Tokyo Milk Dark irresistibly daring handcrafted fragrances and formulas are packaged in edgy, yet evocative signature bottles, each one a work of art. 

Margot Elena USA

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