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'Wa' - The Japanese Art of Balance

'Wa' - The Japanese Art of Balance

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A beautifully illustrated guide to 4 simple and easy-to-adopt daily practices based on the Japanese lifestyle: Nourish, Move, Rest and Socialize.

In this gorgeously presented book, with watercolor illustrations by the author throughout, learn a new and revolutionarily simple secret to leading a long, healthy and happy life from Japanese wellness expert Saki Ohashi. Her set of 4 unique pillars, based on her observations of life in the US and in Japan, seem simple, but together they form a holistic solution to gaining balance and vitality in all aspects of life.

Nourish. Discard dieting tactics for principles such as Kuchisabishii, or 'lonely mouth' to empathize with your body's impulses. Design your meals around Harahachi-bunme, or 8/10s of the stomach.

Move. Discover a three-minute stretch routine that keeps Tokyo's elderly people young. Bring the joyful spirit of undoukai, or Sports Day, into your day by celebrating movement rather than enforcing it.

Rest. Like a true shokunin artisan whip up a cup of traditionally brewed matcha tea, and take a moment for curiosity in every day.

Socialize. Improve your connection with others instantly with everyday Japanese salutations, or aisatsu, or instill the habit of gifting others with omiyage.

From what you eat, to how you think, how you connect with others, and how you move, this book will revolutionize how you care for yourself and ultimately lead to greater contentment.

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